We finally had 3 wonderfully warm days so took advantage with several outdoor activities with the girls.  Hiking at Strathcona Park (pic 1) swimming at Barber falls on the Puntledge (Pic 2) and a day at Rathtrevor beach in Parksville (pic 3)

Strathcona Park is beyond Mount Washington and has a variety of mountain hikes ranging from dead easy to challenging.  We took the girls on an easy 4 km loop with great views around meadows.  They had a late night the day before so did not arise in time for a full day outing.

The Barber falls is another spot on the relatively short Puntledge river (of which I have already written)  with a deep pond due to a curve.  Very difficult to access down a steep slope.  No formal access as the trail has been made by teenagers seeking the pond for swimming.  The water is as pure as anything you get out of a bottle so crystal clear.  Pat and I struggled to get down the trail but the girls had no problem (as did the teenagers sharing the spot)  Definitely a beautiful site but not one we will share with others of our vintage.

Rathtrevor is one of the best beachs on the island and one of the most popular.  A long sand beach that is so shallow that when the tide is out it is close to a km from the shore to the water line and no matter how far the girls headed out they were never over their head.  The water is warm so the girls spent almost 5 hours in the ocean.  At 5 pm I finally had to hike out and order them to come in as we needed to head home.  Warmest day of the summer so far at 27 C