Somehow we apparently misplaced our cell phone.  We have had it for years and it was perfect for us.  A flip phone version that you could put in your pocket and flip it open to answer as required.  Basically the equivalent of a rotary dial phone. 

No idea where we lost it (although Ariana and Bronte were visiting at the time, don’t get me wrong, not making an accusation, but it did go astray while they were here and we had managed to keep it for years before, but we do not suspect them, only making a time reference) CORRECTION WE HAVE FOUND THE PHONE IN A BACK PACK SO NO WAY ARE THE GIRLS RESPONSIBLE (not that I actually accused them)

We waited a few weeks to see if we could find it but finally went into Telus to buy a new phone.  Apparently because we had over-paid for the last 3 years on our old program, we were allowed to get a new fancy phone if we signed up for another 3 years. 

In the past I had a Blackberry and have watched my brother and my children show off their much fancier cell phones so we (well actually me) were tempted to skip the basic flip phone version to go for the mini computer version. 

So now we have a phone that is three times the size of the old phone but with thousands of applications (apps for those that actually understand what I am saying)   GPS mapping, access to internet, Google searching and Gmail all from the phone. It took me an hour to figure out how to make a simple phone call let alone set favourite phone numbers. Of course it no longer fits in my pocket and has a LCD screen that will be destroyed if I throw it into the golf bag pocket as I could do with the old one, but it is really, whats the term…. boss, sweet, super … damn I feel old.

My first call was to my Mother.  I was trying to explain to her the historical significance of the phone that I was calling her on. (Meagan I realize that last sentence has a dangling participle)

Even after I explained all the features that I could do with the phone, Mother was not impressed.  Did I really need all these functions or did I just need a phone?    I finally admitted that the true value of the phone was so I could impress my kids when I next see them (no hope on impressing the grand kids as they will think it as normal)