A few weeks ago Pat and I were at the local farmer’s market and there was a lady selling cabbage rolls.  Precooked, and frozen.  Nice looking farmer woman so we figured lets do it.

Pat is still under the weather (going into the second week) so I decided to bring out the cabbage rolls and heat them up with some salad for dinner. 

Now I will not say they were bad, they were not bad they were bland.  Even with the sauce I added (which added the only flavour) 99% rice, very thin cabbage and only a trace of beef (not even CSI could have obtained DNA from the sample)

I think of the great cabbage rolls we make and the ones that we have purchased in the past from farm wives and I am very disappointed.  But when I think back, the lady at the booth was skinny….   I should have clued in.  What kind of a good Ukranian farm wife is skinny?  If there is no meat on her bones that is a good clue there is no meat in the cabbage rolls.

Lesson learned.  Nice that I can still add to my knowledge at my age.