Well I have to start by saying I received a number of new people replying to one of my earlier blogs.  Fortunately the filter blocked them as they were all wanting more details about my Grandsons.  I am now getting phishing on my Blog.  What a success.

In case Andra and James are worried I did not forward naked pictures of my grandsons to the new contacts.  

It is Saturday night and Pat is still suffering from her Upper Respirtory Virus attack.  Getting difficult to cook meals when she is just not interested.  So I decided on Pizza.  I was going to order from a pizza place but in the afternoon I visited the local Superstore where they had PC frozen pizzas on special for $5 each.  They were thin crust and the pictures on the boxes looked like the best pizza you could ever get.

Opened the boxes this evening prior to cooking and picture on the box had no resemblance to the actual product.  I doubt if there were 8 wafer thin slices of pepperoni on the one and nothing but cheese and miniscule bits of meat on the other.  So I augmented with extra salami, sun dried tomatos, sliced tomatos, peppers, sauce and whatever else was available in the fridge and baked them. 

Turned out to be great pizzas.  Crispy thin crust and tasting of all the exta stuff I put on them. 

I figure between the sale priced pizzas and the cost of the extra ingredients and the cost of the baking (not counting the labour) it would have been cheaper to order the deluxe pizza from Dominos. 

Aw well as I always say, you are never to old to learn things.