Pat was out last night at one of her executive functions (still coughing away) so I decided to watch something different.  At my earlier visit to the Library (a bi weekly event) I noticed DVDs of the early years of Saturday Night Live.

No everyone agrees that the first few years of SNL were the greatest.  Dan Akroyd,  John Belushi, Chevy Chase Gilda Radner, Bill Murray etc. and fabulous guest stars.  I clearly remember Pat and I watching the shows and all we talked about on Monday at work was the previous Saturday’s show. 

Apparently memories should not be revisited.  I watched highlights from many shows and did not find them that funny.  Granted at the time (mid 70s), satire and making fun of celebrities and politicians was new for TV so we may have found it funny due to the shock value, but still.  I think the truth is the show was on late Saturday night and, like Improv theatre,  much funnier if you had a few drinks under the belt (which I had not last night)

Watching Brian Wilson try to sing Beach Boy songs while he was obviously recovering from his stroke and had a half frozen face, was not comfortable. But watching Paul Simon sing with George Harrison was very nice. 

All in all I do not recommend people of our vintage taking out these old SNL shows to reminisce.  You will be disappointed.