It is Friday night and we are enduring the BC Coast fall weather of overcast and light drizzle.  Fortunately I had time this morning (between sprinkles) to work on some outdoor projects.  One of which required me to go up on the extreme extension ladder to replace hooks (smaller hooks with larger versions)  that I use for the outdoor Christmas lights. 

Pat demanded that she would be present to hold the bottom of the ladder for this job(and I suspect be there in case I fell and killed myself so she could tell the kids how I  died as a hero) The irony was that when I was at the very top and reaching to the point where I could fall, she was directly below me so if I had fallen we may both have died.

Anyway, I did not fall (but I am feeling I am getting too old for these projects).  As I said, the hooks are used to hang our christmas lights.  Fortunately Vedran will be visiting when it is time to put up the lights this year so he will be offered the opportunity to climb the ladder.

As it was Friday we agreed to have a seafood meal and as we had uncooked shrimp in the freezer,  Pat thought why not Jambalaya?  Now that required sourcing some Chorizo sausage (which of course did not fit the meatless friday concept, but is essential)  It was a fabulous meal.  Shrimp Jambalaya with Chorizo.  Many Jambalaya recipes call for chicken, but this was an accepted variation.

The Blue Jays beat Tampa Bay just before I served the meal so Pat was happy (and could turn off the TV so we dined)    I attach the recipe in case anyone is interested.  Bit spicy but not overwhelming. 

Shrimp Jambalaya