Now there is nothing more boring than talking about the weather, but it is a typical Canadian topic of conversation. 

Here on Paradise we are used to 3 weather patterns.  Overcast and cool, Overcast and rainy or Perfect sunshine.  The patterns normally take some time to move from one to the other.  But today was quite different.

For the last couple of days there has been a storm coming in from the Pacific.  Lots of rain and lots of wind.  My mother and Pat’s parents both phoned to see if we were still OK because of the TV reports.  No big deal until today when we had a big windstorm with heavy rain.  Maybe not a hurricane but the trees were waving and our bird feeders were dumped of all the food and I had to bring in anything loose in the yard.  We even had a 3 hour power outage.

Then at 4 pm the clouds went by, the wind died to nothing and we have a brilliant blue sky evening.  Paradise returned.

Now this is not that remarkable.  When we lived in Calgary this could be a typical day.  I remember going to work one morning at -20 C and coming home to +20 and wind.  Change was normal, still an interesting day.  I can take the yard waste bins out tonight and of course the bird and hummingbird feeders are now clean so I can bring them in.