Pat and I love Dim Sum.  I first discovered Dim Sum in 1980 when I joined Gulf Oil at the office on College Ave in Toronto.  A weekly event was to walk down to Queen street for Dim Sum lunch.  Probably the best years of my working life. 

I loved all the Dim Sum dishes particularly Pork Shu Mai Dumplings.  Over the many years this has been something I have always ordered when we went for Dim Sum.

Apparently some time ago I bought some frozen Pork Shu Mai dumplings and they have been resting at the bottom of our deep freeze ever since.  I was reaching down to pull up something else and decided it was time to try the dumplings. 

Now we could not exactly remember when we bought them but think that it may have been when the Chinese Grocer on 5th ave went out of business 2 years ago.  They may have actually been many years in their deep freeze before that. 

So we steamed the dumplings as an appetizer.  I noticed a funny odour in the kitchen  which I though was leaking natural gas.  Checked all the valves on the stove and OK.

I served the dumplings along with hot chili oil and mustard for dipping.  Now I realize why they use hot spices in warm countries, to cover the taste.  The dumplings were terrible so we threw almost all of them out (aside from the 4 that I dipped into the hot sauce before I realized the horrible flavour could not be covered)

So if  Pat and I die tonight from food poisoning, unfortunately there is no one to sue since the store where we bought them from closed 2 years ago. 

I still love Pork Shu Mai  ( remember that at my funeral)