I realize that my many blog readers have been disappointed by my lack of reports for the last month.  The telegrams were piled up at our front door when we arrived home all saying “are you still alive?”

I am alive and we are finally home from a month of adventure.  We have two dogs now living with us and frankly they are the same as having two 4 year old children.  I say 4 year olds because, while they are not in diapers, they still require special toilet time. (more than special because at least a 4 year old could be trained to do it in a pot)

When I take Jackes (the male Westie) for walks or let him outside he can pee a pint, but only in tablespoon amounts.  He can turn it off and on in squirts to make a man proud of his prostate (or whatever is the valve)  I certainly could not do it.  Jackes has to do it on every bush and post we walk by to mark a territory so to empty his bladder takes some time. 

The dogs are actually better than I had hoped.  They require a lot of attention and hugging but are othewise Ok.  Granted cooking in the kitchen is awkward with two Westies continuously roaming around my feet looking for dropped food particles looking at me with forlorn eyes like starving ophans.  Even after we feed them they look like Oliver saying “please Sir I want some more”  Takes a firm position to deny them even as I cook huge meals for Pat and I but we are under instruction from their parents.

Last night was Halloween so Pat locked herself in the den with the mutts because everytime the doorbell rings they go crazy.  Protecting the property.  We have not been home for Halloween for 2 years so did not know what would happen.  We bought 100 pieces of chocolate bars, just in case.  We had 10 kids.  I think I ate more candy sitting around waiting than I gave out. 

In any event the weather is mild, I have had time to work in the garden trimming the plants and clearing all the annuals into recycle bags. 

Not exciting times but that is what you want in Paradise.