Jorg has asked the family to support him on his Movember mustache growing in support of research on Prostate Cancer, a noble cause. 

I had heard of Movember before but last year was the first that I saw the results when I played golf with Ryan and saw his feeble attempt at a mustache.  He definitely has the Ellis gene that makes a blond mustache look like something a normal 17 year old would possess. A genetic feature that changes after you are over 40. 

So Jorg wants to grow a mustache.  I thought that the hairy, itchy thing was in my past life, but I contacted Jorg and challenged him to who can grow the best Mustache in the month.

Jorg has the advantage of a black beard and youth but I have the advantage of age.  As Blaine would confirm, I could grow a beard out of my nostrils now that I am a senior.  But the disadvantage is my mustache is blond/white and may not show up as well in pictures.

So we are depending on the family to judge based on pictures taken of Jorg’s and my mustache on December 1.  Winner takes all, and I am not depending on my authority position over my children and other blog readers to influence the vote.

I am two days in and it is already itchy, not sure how I will make it through the month. 

More to come