Fall has come upon us with the cooler weather.  The annuals have finally dried up and the leaves have fallen from the few trees that actually shed.  However because of the few showers, everything is green and lush.  The Golf Course behind us and our lawn is luxurious. Fortunately I think I will not have to mow the lawn again. 

With the cooler weather I decided to again make my famous meat loaf based on the recipe plan from the Fine Dining magazine.  I have blogged on this before.  It is an 8 step process where you pick 2 of 6 from column A, 2 of 8 from column B etc.  It is not cooked in a loaf pan but rather on a cookie sheet on parchment paper so it ends up looking like a loaf of bread. 

Unfortunately in one of the steps I added tablespoons of hot pepper flakes instead of teaspoons.  Honest mistake with little doggies running around my legs as I was working. 

Wonderful meatloaf, but a bit spicy for Pat (and to be truthful for me as well)  So instead of leftovers for us to share later in the week, I will have slices of meatloaf for sandwiches.  The chef should pay for the mistakes.  They will make great sandwiches so no bid deal.

We had a long skype with Janine tonight from China.  She and Vedran are so looking forward to coming back home.  I have warned them that the dogs may not want to return to USA with them as they have a wonderful life with us, but she and Vedran are up to the challenge to win them back.