Janine and Vedran are staying here and booked us into a couple of nights at a lodge in Tofino.  Now I had always heard that November was a popular month to visit Tofino and now realize why.  For the storms. 

The afternoon we arrived there was a typical November storm going through but this did not stop us from walking on the beach by the resort where we got drenched.  By luck the next two mornings were clear and bright so we could spend lots of times at other beaches.  Because of the storms the waves continued very high (at least 4 meters in some cases) and the scenes of the them crashing onto the shore and rocks were nothing short of spectacular.  You could spend hours just watching them and we did. 

The dogs (and Vedran)  got lots of opportunity to run on the beach and get chased by waves coming in.  You cannot outrun a wave so they got drenched again. 

Attached are just a couple of pictures I took and they do not do justice to the actual sights.  One shows Vedran way out on a rock with waves crashing around him.

We also were introduced to a new experience of having lunch at the Tacofino which is considered one of the top 10 truck food stalls in North America.   Janine and Vedran had heard about it from an article on the Food Network in the US so we had to try it.  Apparently high end food sold out of a truck (sort of like the kind of vans that sell ice cream on the streets) is a big fad in the US and the only one in Canada to make the top 10 list is Tacofino in Tofino.  Best Taco I ever ate by a mile.