Well Janine and Vedran have taken the little doggies home.  Pat and I had them around (here and at Meagan’s) for a month and I hate to say it, but I sort of got used to them.  Preparing supper tonight and it felt weird not having to step around dogs, and when I dropped something while chopping I actually had to bend over and retrieve it.  Got used to having two hoovers policing the floor when I prepared meals. 

Will not miss the cleaning up the poop and the licking of my ear and face.  I will try to get Pat to sit on my lap tonight as we watch TV but I do not think that will happen.

We still have a lot of cleaning to get finished.  Vacuuming up all the hair will take a week. 

Still I will miss two creatures that stared at me with adoration.  It has been many years since Pat or my children gave me those looks, but granted that was only when I was working in the kitchen so I may have mistaken their intention.

Janine and Vedran made it home after a long day and the dogs will be getting used to being alone.  I will have to get used to not leaving the house with little bags in my pocket.