Now I added this title to see if I can get more paying customers to my blog site, but in fact there is some logic.

Pat is away tonight, and I was watching a documentary about early human development.  I had always been taught that the way early homo erectus developed was by group hunting and development of weapons.  There is another theory that kind of makes sense.

Once humans could walk upright they could run.  Without fur they could sweat over their entire body.  The thought is that early humans learned to hunt by running down the prey.  Take a small gazelle.  They have great speed but they sweat through their tongue.  Lions and tigers that hunt them are good for 300 metres of chasing but then give up because they also have to cool down and pant. 

Along comes humans that can chase prey for 30 kms, not at the sprint speed, but consistent because they can cool their bodies by all-skin evaporation.  The Gazelle eventually falls of heat exhaustion when being chased by a human because it cannot sweat.  Catch the poor critter on the ground panting and beat it to death with a rock.  It is the long distance running that separated man from the beasts. 

Now you realize why some primitive humans still choose to run marathons for no particular reason.  Old prehistoric urges kicking in.

I choose to go to the grocery store and buy my gazelle meat frozen and already cut up.