The official start of the building of the model of the Victory with the laying of the keel. 

The original Victory keel was laid on July 23 1759, and it took almost 10 years and just under $1 billion in today’s money to complete the ship.  I will try to do it in less time and for much less money.

The Victory is famous because it was the Flag Ship of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar in 1805.  This was a significant victory because it eliminated the threat of Napoleon invading England.  As significant as the Battle of Britain in 1940.  The fact that Nelson died on the deck of the Victory gave the ship such prestige that Britain spent a fortune over the next 200 years to maintain it as a monument.  It is still the best ship museum that I have ever visited.

By 1805 it was already a very old ship, particularly as it was made out of wood and not the biggest battleship in the fleet.  As ancient as the First World War battleships in WWII.  But it had unique sailing properties for a triple decker in that it was fast for its size so could keep up with the smaller ships in a fleet, as a result it was a favourite flag ship with the admirals of the time.  These days it is a popular project for model shipwrights as it is so well documented.  A typical kit cost $800 but I will be scratch building this one. 

I have wanted to make this model for 30 years but waited until I thought my skills were adequate.  I thank Andra and Sean for commissioning it.  My blog will have updates over the years as this project progresses .