Despite the title for this blog, this is not about the great movie (although Pat and I watched it last night)  We saw it on regular TV with apparently hours of ads and no ability to fast forward.  Very upsetting.   Pat kept telling me to relax and take on the spirit of Christmas.  

Anyway the title of this blog has nothing to do with the movie.  It is Monday night and I am Home Alone.  Pat is off for one of her many nights out (this time the New Comers ladies pot luck Christmas evening)  Gone are the days in business when I was missing so many nights so I guess this a bit of pay back, but I do not like to be Home Alone.

So I spent the evening in the workshop making transoms frames for the Victory while watching the Allistar Simms version of A Christmas Carol.  Still the best version.  (I decided to have a late dinner given the menu of leftovers from the past week) 

Scrooge is a great movie, and I suspect I have seen it 100 times and can virtually quote the dialogue ( how many times have you heard the song Silent Night and can you sing the words, but don’t you still like it?)  

However I was left with the same question I have every time I see the movie. 

The Cratchets had a full goose being cooked.  What did they do with the 30 lb turkey?  Could not have cooked it in time for dinner (they would have to have started the night before given the ovens of the time)  If you have ever cooked a big turkey you know the issue.

They do not have a deep freeze so what happened to the Turkey?  This question has bothered me for many years. 

The rest of the story I like (particulary each time Scrooge grants a big raise to his staff, in my working life I always liked that part)