In the past I have enjoyed a number of Blackened preparations for food.   Blackened Catfish is still one of my favourite meals I make at home.  At restaurants I have tried Blackend cod and scampi.  So tonight I (inadvertantly) attempted to do Blackened Chicken. 

This started off as beer-can chicken which I have made many times.  I normally put the chicken mounted on its stand with the beer can in a pan on the direct heat side of the bbq for 10 minutes and then move to the indirect side for the rest of the cooking.  I often use a pie pan to hold the chicken and its droppings but this time used an old aluminum one the kind you get when you buy a pie shell at the store (the kind most people throw out)  It apparently had a few leaks.

I put it on the BBQ on high and then got distracted on the computer.  Pat finally mentioned to me after half an hour about the chicken and I rushed outside  to find it ingulfed in flames due to the leaking fat through the leaks in the pan.  Burnt to a crisp on the outside but still raw on the inside.

Now this is Sunday night at about 6 pm, so potentially an opportunity to panic (particularly with Pat commenting on my….. well she used various descriptive terms).  But no, I stepped to the plate and came up immediately with an alternate plan. 

I moved the chicken to the indirect heat and lowered the temp to finish cooking, then drove madly off to the only grocery store open on Sunday night in Comox and bought one of those BBQed chickens they sell hot.  Brought it home and we had a great meal.  Happened so quickly even Pat commented on our lovely BBQed chicken dinner. 

I did try a piece of the burnt chicken and I would not recommend this practice.  Better on Catfish.  The burnt skin will be removed from the chicken and we will have lovely sandwhiches this week