Last year when Meagan set me up with a Blog site, Pat thought this would be a great opportunity for me to exercise my wonderful story telling abilities.  And over the year I have published many pearls of wisdom,  but it is time to tell the truth about my blog  literary objectives.

Tonight we had a wonderful Beef Bourgignon meal done in the pressure cooker.  Basically a small roast of beef cooked in a wine and mushroom sauce but done in a Pressure cooker so you can take a cheaper cut of roast and it ends up tender. 

Yaddah Yadday, nothing to do with the meal itself, although it was wonderful.  In our evenings sitting at the table after a great meal I tell Pat, “I have a wonderful Blog to write”  so she sends me off to the Den to publish my great thoughts….. while she clears the plates and does the dishes as I pontificate. 

I almost feel guilty.  Well.. almost anyway.  I assume when Pat reads this I will say I was only joking.  Married 43 years and she still believes me. 

So tonight we had a wonderful roast beef with mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts, green beans and sautéed mushrooms with a gravy to die for.  Typical meal for us.  I will keep typing until Pat is finished the dishes which is getting close. 

Did you see the NFL game yesterday where the magical Tebow finally lost?   

Sunday January 15  time to join my wife for the evening.