So apparently, my wife either does not read my blogs, or, as I suspect, she finds me too handsome to try to change me.

Tonight we had a wonderful Canneloni.  I was busy in the basement so Pat did all the prep and cooking.  Almost a 3 hour process.  Great meal and as usual I said, as we were reflecting on the meal, I have a great idea for a blog and left the table. 

I suspect it is because she finds me Handsome, but it may be she does not approve of my dishwasher loading skills.

There has been a winter snowfall on the West Coast but so far the snow has fallen south of us.  Victoria, Vancouver  and the Fraser Valley has been hit hard.  Not a major dump but if you get 20 cm (7 ” for my American readers) with the high moisture content and the temp running up and down around freezing, it is a miserable drive.    (granted the families in Calgary and Edmonton where it is -26 C will not have a lot of sympathy)

In any event the forecast is that we may well have snow in Comox Valley tomorrow.  Now here is my mixed feeling.  I have a big snow blower primed and ready to leap on the snow drifts so I can be a hero to my neighbourhood.

We are having our neighbours in for a dinner party on Thursday night and my clearing the driveways and sidewalks could lead to a standing ovation at the end of the meal (maybe due to the food) And that would be nice, but the snow here is crap.  Heavy,wet and a heart attack to move even with the machine.  Granted I have to get rid of it quickly or the warm weather will come next week and melt it all and my neighbours would not give me the Ovation. 

So as I said a mixed attitude.  But as I see Pat is nearly done the dishes so time for me to entertain us for the evening.