Well it is my birthday today.   Janine phoned last night and asked me how it felt.  I told her that turning 64 was a non event sort of like turning 34.  “are you kidding” she said that was traumatic as it meant the last year before you were in your mid thirties and on the downhill.

Never thought of it like that.  To me it is a non event just one more year before I get to kick in on the big senior discounts.  For now I am just a near senior with all the aches and pains but none of the benefits.

Woke up this morning to light snowfall.  Nothing like the dump that Vancouver and Victoria had but promising.  I went to the fitness club and as I came home the snow started to really fall.  By Noon then snow had stopped and the sun was shining and there was almost 2 inches of snow on the ground. 

So I fueld up the big snowblower and got to work.  I had to yell at the neighbours before they swished away their driveways so I could do my job.  For once it was light fluffy instead of white concrete.  Finished our driveway and then the neighbours and then went down the street to do the sidewalks on all the homes where the “richer” people are residing in Arizona or Hawaii.  Lovely day.

Pat took me to ‘Locals’ restaurant for dinner.  Great food and even better because we had a coupon (which I won at the Newcomers Christmas Dance on the dance floor spot contest by picking out what would be the spot, granted to give some credit to Pat as she did buy the tickets to the dinner/dance and was dancing with me on the spot)

Thank everyone for the e cards and the old fashioned tree destroying paper cards I received.  And for the phone calls.

Great birthday but next year will be even better because then I will get the big present (Canada Pension Plan and free rides on BC Ferries)