Now 2 points for anyone in my reading audience that recognizes the oldies rock star Link Wray. 

I was reading a book given to me at one time called Hard Revolution by George Pelecanos.   It is the start of a series about a young black cop and an older white Detective.  Takes place in Washington DC starting in the late 50s and going on into the 60s and 70s.  Lots of black vs white issues  yaddah yaddah

The author is one of those guys that is a music lover so throughout the book there is constant reference to the song that is on the radio in the car or the bar or the club where the characters move.  In many cases the characters (mostly bad and even the good guys are shaded) refer to the music being played.  For instance there is a meet in a club where a young girl named Aretha Franklin is singing and apparently she was pretty good ” for a black girl”   (the word in the book was different but I was taught not to repeat the word)

Anyway they kept referring to a guy starting in the 50s and through the book playing in the rough clubs.  A rocker that could bring the house down called Link Wray and his band the Raymen.  Looked them up and they actually existed and were a big influence on more popular groups.  Early career in Washington area but later toured extensively in Europe up until ten years ago.  One of their numbers was on the Pulp Fiction album but their numbers have shown up in several movie soundtracks where they needed an early rock instrumental group. 

So I went on Itunes and downloaded their best 15 (only cost $6)  so next time you visit I will include them in our music repertoire