It is Sunday night and I am home alone.  Pat flew to Edmonton Yesterday for the week.  Last night I was taken out for dinner by our friends so tonight was the first meal alone.  As you may know from earlier blogs, when I am home alone I try to fix up busy meals to fill the time. 

Earlier this week Pat and I made Fish Tacos.  We had them for the first time in Tofino and now are a favourite.  I had made some pan fried fish a couple of days before and had leftovers so we decided on Fish Tacos.  Very Healthy.  At the time I was not sure how much fish there was so I also made a beef taco mixture to augment.  As it turns out there was lots of fish so most of the beef taco dish was left over.

So tonight I was using the leftover beef taco mix.  Made my own Guacamole and a mixed green onion/olive dish and decided to make my own Tortillas just like my momma made back at home in Senora.  I have made Tortillas before and thought it would be neat.

If you notice the picture, the tortillas do not turn out round.  I do not have one of those neat machines they have at the restaurant.  While they have a nice texture and appearance, there is not enough taste difference from store bought to make the effort worth while.  Still the beef  was delicious.  Not even sure how I would repeat the dish because when I originally made it I did a little of this a little of that and kept adding until it tasted good.  Not a clue what the recipe was.

It did fill the time in the evening preparing the dish and the belly in eating, so a successful meal.