Janine gave me advice on what I should do for Pat on Valentine’s Day.  She said buy the flowers a day early so they would be cheaper.  I did and put them in a jar in my workshop.  Then I brought them up this morning in the vase and presented them to her.  There is nothing that says I Love You more than presenting a bouquet of a dozen Roses to a woman just getting out of the morning shower.  A great moment.

For dinner I made  BBQ steak, with BBQd little potatoes mixed with olive Oil and Rosemary, and oven roasted parsnips, carrots, and brussel sprouts (actually Pat did the oven roasting veggies, it is supposed to be a shared event)  Janine did not approve of my selection of a Valentine’s meal because it does sound like a guy thing, but (like Homer Simpson) I think I really know what my wife needs. 

A bit of red wine (well actually more for me than her) and some candles and romantic music from our Sonos. 

And, as you guess, I write this Blog about our wonderful evening meal while Pat does the dishes. 

Pat made Saskatoon pie for dessert, and I must cut off now to go and enjoy