If you read my blog last night, you will remember that my meal was not the 4 star that I am supposed to provide each night.  However, tonight the meal was superb and Pat officially forgave me.

I prepared the old stand by,  Penne Pasta with Alfredo Sauce, peas, capers  and just enough smoked salmon to be delicious.  Always a winner

But tonight I preceeded with an appetizer that also included thin sliced smoked salmon.  There is not much salmon needed for the pasta so lots left over.

We were looking for a special appetizer to take to the next appie party and thought we would experiment with a smoked salmon roll (think of a sushi roll with no rice).  A thin layer of salmon, covered with a layer of cream cheese mixed with horse-radish and other herbs and wrapped around thin sliced veggies.  Roll up and slice into bite sized pieces.  A wonderful appetizer but we realized that as we have to bring appetizers for 30 people, we could not afford to make this for the next party. 

In any event I am the hero for the meal and Pat rewards me by doing the clean up and dishes while I write.  (I should mention that Pat made a wonderful salad to go with the meal so it is not like I am the only provider).   Still, life is good.    I think Pat is nearly finished so this blog is also.