As I have written before, Pat is the treasurer for the local Catholic Women’s League.  I briefly had hope that she would have access to the great wealth of the Catholic Church, but it has proven not to be.

Pat took over the position from a woman who was supposed to have an accounting background.  Recommended that Pat personally pay for a home accounting package to handle the accounts. 

Fortunately I took accounting in my MBA program (almost 40 years ago) and became somewhat skilled in Excel spreadsheets 10 years ago.  So I combined them to prepare input forms for expenses and revenues that then connected into monthly reports of the local chapter balance sheets.  If there is one thing Pat is great at, it is inputting detail into a spreadsheet.

Problem was even with the many, many thousands of dollars of assets and equity figures, we could not get the balance sheets to line up with the reports handed on to her (and audited)  Finally Pat found some mistakes made in the previous years accounting (after many hours of searching) and we were able to balance the books but only after we contributed $1.01 of cash to the petty cash fund. 

So much for the trips to the Vatican on the church dime for Pat and her escort.  We are out 50 hours of Pat’s time and several hours of my time, and $1.01.  But the accounts are perfect and the reports all feed nicely from input to balance sheet.  An accountant would be proud and so is Pat. 

I guess that is sufficient.  Pat certainly is happy.  I think she will hold this postion for 20 years