It is Monday night.  Last night when we arrived back home and had our chicken meal, we considered what we should have tonight. It is normal for us, as we finish a meal, to plan the next day.  A full stomach keeps me from saying “lets cook a big roast of beef” 

We looked in the freezer and as we had some 400 gram pre packaged ground beef, I suggested an old favourite, Keema Curry.  A simple Indian curry dish with ground beef, onions, Yogurt and peas (although as it has beef in it I assume it is never served in India) 

Many years ago in Oakville when Pat and I were arriving home late from work, I would pick up an Indian dish from a local Indian take away place.  I would pick up a few Pakoras from the Indian grocery store next door and some fresh Naan from the takeaway and a favourite was a large portion of Keema Curry.  At home, steamed some rice and with a little Chutney on the side, a great meal. I would bring home the Keema Curry and put in a pot to keep warm as the rice cooked and then serve. 

Girls loved it and an easy choice.  Exotic and spicy.

One infamous night, as I was about to serve myself from the pot (the girls had already started eating) I noticed a large, cooked cockroach on the surface.  A little digging and there were a couple more.  Fully cooked mind you, so filled with protein.  Janine was already into eating when I called a halt to the meal. 

Now the Indian take out restaurant had always looked authentic to me with a large Indian woman at the counter and her old husband in the kitchen behind.  I say authentic, although I have never been to India, because it was kind of junky and (in hindsight) not exactly clean.  Go figure.

Needless to say, we never bought from them again, but over the years I tried to remake the Keema Curry dish that we always loved.  I have a nice recipe that I used tonight, and it was OK but I really think I should try and find some frozen crickets or grasshoppers to add to the pot.  That may have been the secret ingredient that we all loved.