Monday morning we had a major wind storm blow across Vancouver Island.  100 km per hour wind.  We were pre warned that a storm was coming through but it was worse than expected.  An intense cell came through and headed on to Vancouver.  I woke up during the night hearing the house creak and at 5:30 the power went off.

We know this because we have a carbon monoxide sensor plugged in outside of our bedroom that bleeps when it loses power.  Losing power on the Island is not that big a deal, although it should not be where we live because all our power lines are underground.  At one point all the power on Vancouver Island was cut off due to falling trees.  It was plus 2 deg C and raining heavy (or it could have been the worst blizzard you can imagine)  I was up early watching the storm as the trees and bushes were sweeping back and forth.  With no power I put on the fireplace (natural gas) as the place was getting cooler.

Pat and I sat in the living room reading as the storm blew on.  By 11 am the power came on and the wind died down.

Trees had blown down all over the valley.  Ryan Road across from Home Depot was blocked by a fallen tree as was the entrance into Crowne Isle Blvd.  The roads were covered by debris blown from the trees.  Fortunately nothing major on our property but lots of damage in town. 

I guess this is a by-product of global warming as the wind speed exceeded the record for the month of March in town.  Still it is a ill wind that does not blow someone some good.  Mount Washington ski resort was closed yesterday, but they received 1/2 metre of new snow on top of the 5 metres base.  They expect to be open into June

Pat and I will be going snowshoeing put there tomorrow.  (by the way, Daide and Doris were concerned enough to call us about our safety through the storm, apparently our children were not as concerned)