Not sure why the date instead of a title, but it has been a nice but nothing spectacular couple of days.  When we were in Edmonton we used Andra’s discount at Sports Chek to get snowshoes for Pat and myself.  With the discount and the lack of PST we bought better quality equipment than we would have here if we had gone to the local C Tire and have been anxious to try them out. 

We had been planning all week to head up to Mount Washington, but it has been a crappy week with wind and rain here and heavy snow up there.  In the last 3 days Mount Washington has had 82 cm of new snow (2 1/2 feet for my American fans).

This morning there was light rain but no wind, so after my morning fitness visit (and Pat’s trip to church) we drove up.  It was -1 C at the Nordic centre (combined cross-country routes and snowshoeing)  with light snow.  A different experience than we had when we went with Blaine and Lisa on Cypress  a couple of weeks ago where we had a guide that took us off-trail.  This time we followed the marked trail and because of the new snow it was shoeing in a trench that was 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide.  I tried briefly to go on my own trail but believe me, if I had continued you would be reading my Obituary and not my blog. 

Still a great workout and this is something Pat and I can enjoy again and again (provided always I get a shower and nap following)

In the evening we attended a big Junktique at a local church centre.  We thought we might find special exotic gifts for our family but it was basically a huge room filled with stuff left over from garage sales. Very crowded with people snapping things up left and right.  For us it was trip down memory lane as we recognized dishes and teacups and mementos that we discarded 20 years ago.  I was tempted to buy a small tea kettle for my workshop, but at 75 cents, it was over-priced so we left with nothing. 

Tonight for dinner we had great leftovers.  We made jambalaya this week (chicken, scallops, shrimp, chorizo sausage and rice in a spicy sauce). 

As it is Lent, and Friday, Pat could not consume meat because of the threat that she would lose all the points she has been saving for Heaven (apparently going to church 6 days a week only gets you so far into the good books) so she could not share the jambalaya.  Fortunately we had a curried red lentil, rice and potato dish also left over as well and with a  piece of pan-fried sole, she was content. 

Listening to good music and thinking about the good we had done our bodies today, it was a lovely evening, even with no success at the Junktique.