Sunday morning is a different pace for us.  I do not get up early and do not go the fitness club.  The only morning where I may put on the light and read in bed.  Later Pat goes to church and while she is away I prepare brunch.  Normally I make my (now world famous) omelets.  Full egg omelet for her and egg white omelet for me. 

Occasionally I mix it up with Eggs Benedict (where with the Hollandaise sauce I choose not to skip real eggs)  or Poached eggs on toast or Denver sandwiches, or Egg McMuffins.  Lots of variety to surprise the wife and reward her for….. well for her being my wife (laundry, dishwashing, housecleaning ,  just to mention a few things for which I am grateful)

Last night, I did not sleep well.  No particular reason, so my mind went into overdrive and at 3 am I decided on breakfast crepes for brunch when Pat came home from church.  When I get into one of these nighttime thoughts there is no sleep.  I prepared the entire breakfast in my mind.  Then I fell asleep and woke at 8:30 am.

I have never made crepes before although I have seen it done many times.  When Pat went of to church I went into our recipe inventory and then went on-line.  Basically an  easy recipe, but it is essential that they be thin and that is the skill of the presentation.  When Pat came home from church I had perfect crepes warming in the oven, with sliced strawberries, bananas, Nutella and icing sugar on the table.     Damn I am good.

So good I get to write this blog while Pat, having cooked the Roast beef dinner tonight, is doing the dishes.  Apparently you only have to be good at a few things in life to be rewarded. 

Actually I think breakfast crepes is a girly dish so it may be a while before I do it again, but the wife was thrilled and I guess that was the objective.