I have been spending every afternoon for at least 3 hours on the model.  I love it.  The progress has been wonderful as I learn how to increase production because of the time spent.   Just like any good manufacturing processes, you get better by repetition. 

As I showed earlier, the framing was completed and now I am planking the exterior.  Due to the 1/98 scale, the planks are narrow, about 5 mm wide (bit more than 1/8 inch for my American fans) .  I have determined that I will need 6000 tree nails just for the exterior planking.  That is right 6000.  

So every few days I must spend time in the boring process of cutting down a shank of bamboo into the little nails that are 0.5 mm in diameter and 3 mm long.  Actually I am getting good at it.  In less than 2 hours I can make about a teaspoon of treenails that lasts me 4 days of planking.  Pat has suggested I train my grandchildren in this effort the next time they visit, but I think that will not happen. 

The hull is turning out great.  Look at the picture because all of those frames and all of the detail in the nailing will be lost in the finished product. You will see the great clamping device made for me by my buddy Harry.  Allows me to position the frame for planking in all the angles. 

I love my hobby.  I think of the small parts as someone who makes a very detailed quilt.  All the tiny stitches, all the planning in the individual squares, and in the end it is a skinny blanket. 

In this case, in  the end,  this will be a model where everyone will look at the rigging and the carvings and the stern and no one will count the 6000 treenails.   I hope that those who read this blog and see the model when it is finished will at least glimpse at the hull and remember this blog.