It is Sunday night and we just had a marvelous meal with our friends Harry and Marie.  They phoned last night to say they had just arrived home from their trip to Florida so we invited them to dinner tonight.

Their trip to Florida is an annual event where they go for a  two-week group meeting to learn new diet patterns and detoxify. Regular blood and urine tests and I can imagine gurus walking around in robes chanting about the evil of processed food.  Not a cheap 2 weeks as it is held at the Doral Golf Resort in South Florida.  (lots of famous people attend) 

They study the evils of salt, alcohol, sugar, fat and the enlightenment of good healthy living.  Huge amount of money spent to detoxify the bodies and become pure.

So we invite them to dinner and have huge BBQd rib steaks, potatoes with sour cream, and flagons of red wine.  It was like taking advantage of little kids with candy.  “Oh we should not be doing this” but they gobbled down the steaks and drank the wine like people starving.  Apparently sea weed mush and fruit compotes may leave your body clean, but it is nothing like a good steak dinner. 

They loved the meal and we had a wonderful evening.  I only feel a little guilty.