Last Friday we had our seafood evening. It is lent so Pat cannot be tempted away from fish.  I have long since moved from accepting baked  fish sticks on Friday so we always try to get adventurous.  Quite often it will be chowder or blackened fish, but every now and then we like to make an authentic Marseille Bouillabaisse.  A spicy fish stew/soup.

Every time we make it I am reminded of a movie I saw once, many years ago, where Bouillabaisse was a key feature.  Never can remember what exactly. So there we were Friday night with a glass of wine (well maybe more than one for me) trying to remember why I keep thinking of this movie whenever we have the dish.  Combination of wine and my freshly baked No Knead Bread, meant that the conversation moved on.  A wonderful meal. 

When we cook these dishes there is always enough for a second meal, so tonight we had the second half.  Much less wine so we were able to analyse the question further and Pat remembers that it is James Coburn in the movie Our Man Flint from 1966.

This was a movie made to take advantage of the British James Bond movie hits.  James Coburn was to be the American James Bond, (named Flint) but they went over the top (not quite a parody but close)  One of the skills that he had (to emulate Sean Connery) was phenominal taste buds.  In the movie a suspect dies and they find Bouillabasse on him. CSI would have found it in the stomach but I do not recall if this is how Flint tasted it.  Anyway Flint goes off on a search of Marseille bars to find the exact match to the Bouillabaisse so they can find the evil one behind the whatever. 

I do not recommend watching Our Man Flint if it comes on TV, but at least it relieves me of the question of what this dish reminds me of.  Remember in 1966 this would have been an exotic dish for me and it was likely 25 years before I actually tasted it. 

But it does leave us with one observation.  Pat and I have probably made Bouillabasse at least a dozen times.  If Our Man Flint was looking for us good luck, as I doubt if we have made it with the exact seasoning twice. 

Whatever the choice we made last Friday it was delicious.  Salmon, Cod, Shrimps, mussels, oysters and calamari with stuff left over in the fridge.  A proper combination that would have been used in the region at the time with just enough spicy seasonings to cover the fish that had started to turn (which, of course we did not have). 

So now in the future when we make this dish I will not have to struggle with this little memory worm.   Granted I will likely forget and have the rediscovery of this detail thrill me again in the future.  One of the benefits of getting older.