This has been a crappy spring for us on the west coast.  While all over North America, west of the Rockies, there has been record warm weather.  But those of us on this side (BC down to Oregon) have had a cooler and wetter spring than historical average. 

Here we are on a Saturday night and Pat and I are dining and as we watch out the window it is snowing. We spent the day to drive up to Campbell River to trade in coupons for Buster Bar parfait at a new DQ .  Retired people have to look for these deals so instead of $4.99 per parfait, with the coupons we got them for $2.99. 

Granted it did involve a drive up the coast to Campbell River in Little Red.  The coupon was not good at the local DQ.  Two hour drive with the side excursions but we did have a deal. 

Should be a lovely evening but then the sun went away, the temp dropped, and we are now seeing snow falling.  I put away the snow blower for the summer just last week.

It is 2° C and tomorrow will be 8° C so I do not expect the snow to stick around.  Still the issue is I am used to sending emails to my family in Alberta and my friends in Ontario bragging about our beautiful spring.  I am sulking.  But the good news was the Jambalaya was as good as we ever made it and the fireplace is on so not a bad evening.