I was reading a book where one of the characters maintains a blog site.  She spent hours editing and perfecting every issue.  Apparently because I am being published I should do this as well.  In her case she was getting thousands of readers.  Granted she was using more descriptive titles.  Reminiscent of my title about Granddaughters are easy where I had many responses asking for pictures from creepy guys. 

But this is a hobby not a vocation so accept the spelling mistakes, but realize the profound lessons I deliver however hidden.

Pat and I drove down to Victoria to see James and Monique.  They were visiting Victoria to visit an alternative medical facility to help Monique.  Do not worry this was not a shaking chicken bones over an incense fire kind of place.  James and Monique took it in with a sense of reality but the good thing was that Monique came out with a better realization about healthy eating.  I hope they go home with the same enthusiasm as they shared with us.  (good luck with teen-aged kids demanding pizzas and deep fried chicken wings) 

While it was a cool day, the sun was shining and Victoria was gorgeous.  Cherry trees in blossom and flowers everywhere. 

We took them to a seafood restaurant on the harbour (Wharfside) that Pat and I have visited many times.  Unfortunately, while the ambience was the same and view of the sunset over the mountains was beautiful, they were under new management and the meal was not quite as good as we have had there before.  Same pricing, less food.  In any event James and Monique loved it as they did not realize it was not up to par.

Next morning we picked them up and drove down to China Town where we had Dim Sum. 

Monique looks… well very good for a bald lady.  She is losing weight but not extreme.  Her excitement for a new experience was normal and aside from being a bit more tired (and with less appetite) she was the same.  Very positive attitude.  She IS GOING TO GET OVER THIS.

We have never had a weekend out with James and Monique without the kids, so this was a unique experience.  The combination of the sunny weather and Victoria made this special.