Pat and I have just joined one of the local Probus clubs in Comox Valley.  We have belonged to the newcomers club for the last 3 years which has introduced us to many new friends.  But Newcomers is essentially a women’s club where the activities may include spouses but not the club.  In any event we must now leave as you can only be a Newcomer for 3 years. 

Pat will move into the Alumni club which also has many activities, but over the years we have met so many people that also belong to Probus. 

Probus clubs are essentially a byproduct of the Rotarian clubs but aimed at Professional Business people who are retired.  Started 50 years ago in the UK but now world wide.  Most members are couples so the monthly meetings are open to both men and women.  Not very different to the newcomers club in that the club is a core of many subgroups that hike, travel, go to pubs, garden, golf  … whatever.  There is a community service portion of Probus but it is mainly aimed at social activities and less at fund raising. 

You must have a professional background and have to be invited to join. We have had several couples hint at inviting us but finally a friend took us to a meeting where we could sign up.  I think it is going to be right up our alley.  At the first meeting Pat and I already knew at least a dozen people. 

I think we are going to enjoy this.  Not the least of which I will no longer be the mere spouse of a member, but an active participant. 

Pat will remain with the alumni group, as well as her activity with the Catholics Women’s League (where I do not expect many good time parties) and we will also belong to the Miata club.  So our social connections over the years ahead may be full.