Over the last few weeks I have been preparing for the vacation by watching programs such as Mayday and the series of documentaries on Titanic.  Pat calls it morbid but I call it Safety Training. 

From the many plane crashes on Mayday I have learned – make sure you have shoes on for the landing and taking off  – do not inflate the life jacket until leaving the plane if you hit water  – make sure the pilots do not have unpronounceable last names

The many documentaries on Titanic as well as the recent one on the Costa Concordia I have learned – when the ship is listing 30° and the crew says everything is all right please return to your stateroom, grab your life jacket and get to the boats – when at the lifeboat muster station stand in front and do not allow people to get in front of you – the old adage about women and children first is gone with modern equality the new motto is “every man for himself” – make sure you save some mementos of a sinking ship as they are worth a ton later.

For the time in Hawaii I have been studying Dog the Bounty Hunter.   Apparently Hawaii is not all beaches and pretty mountains.  I saw that I should avoid most of Honolulu and if I ever do get arrested over there and escape, do not visit my girlfriend as thats the first place they look.  Pretty sure this last lesson is a remote chance. 

In any event I now feel secure in that I have taken full Safety Training