We had a great 5 days on Lana’i island. To those that have not been there it is one of the smaller of the Hawaiian islands.  Only 18 miles by 13 miles.  Population of 3500 almost all in the little village called Lanai City.  At one time this was the biggest Pineapple plantation in the world which was the reason for the town.  The plantation stopped in the 90s and the land turned back to the near desert scrub.

Two major resorts were built 4 seasons Manele Bay (where Janine and Meagan spent their honeymoons) and 4 seasons Koele.  Both with spectacular golf courses and rooms that rent for minimum $400 per night.  We did not stay there.

There is a small inn called Hotel Lanai which is the lodge built in the 1920s for the executives and clients of Dole that came to visit.  Small comfortable rooms but with not phone, no TV, no internet and no Air Conditioning.  But the town is at 1700 feet altitude so the lack of AC was not a factor as the temp dropped to the mid 60s each night so we just kept the window open.

On the ferry ride to the island we were told by a tour guide taking a group to the Manele Bay resort, that you had better like the person you are travelling with to Lanai as you are going to spend a lot of time with that person.

There is very few people on the island at any time.  We did meet some great people and had dinner with a couple on Friday night, but most of the time it was just the two of us.  The island only has 30 miles of paved road but hundreds of miles of rough trails or tracks that lead everywhere.  We rented a 4wd Jeep for 2 days and wandered to isolated beaches and ruins where we were the only people we saw for hours.  We came to one mile long beach where there were only 3 other people. One trail went along the ridge of the ancient volcano that formed the island with great views.  Only 11 miles but it took us 2 1/2 hours and would not have been possible without 4wd and big tires.  A great adventure with wonderful views as the prize.

The last two days we spent at Manele Bay beach which was a 20 minute ride on a shuttle.  According to Frommers travel guide this beach is not only considered the best in Hawaii it is the best in the USA.  I could not disagree.  A crescent beach of white sand with lava ridges enclosing on both sides. Shade trees where needed and no commercial development.  Swimming out there were shallow coral reefs starting 100 feet out and filling the bay.  Thousands of fish.  Absolutely the best snorkelling I have ever experienced.  As this was next to the resort there were more people but I am talking of maybe 100 people on a big beach.

A great 5 days, and tonight we are settled in on the SW corner of Maui. Entirely different experience with shopping malls and thousands of people.