I have been taking my snorkelling equipment on vacations to warm temperatures for decades.

My first recollection of snorkelling was borrowed from a friend on a beach in Saskatchewan with one of those snorkels that had a curve on the top and a ping pong ball in a cage to keep water from coming down the shaft.  I nearly drowned.

In 1988 Pat and I went to Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic with friends.  At the time I was totally incapable of relaxing on the beach like the others so I signed for a Snorkelling cruise.  Dropped from a fun boat on a coral reef with minimum equipment I found Nirvana. Floating over the scenes you only see in exotic aquariums.

When I got home I bought my own snorkel, mask and fins and over the years used them for hundreds of hours in our pool and the occassional trip to the south.  I became a bit of an expert.  When I took my PADI skin diving course there were no issues with mask clearing etc .

I brought my fins and mask and snorkel on this trip to Hawaii and it has been a big part of my personal enjoyment.  We spent 2 of our days on Lanai island on the Manele beach and I on the first day went out snorkelling as I have done on beaches everywhere.  I was stunned by the best coral reefs and variety of fish that I have ever seen.   And free from the beach

We are now stayign on Maui and I have paid for several boat snorkel trips one to Molokini considered the best Snorkelling site on Maui.  A small crescent shaped island that is the tiny part of a volcano standing above the sea.  Lots of fish and acres of coral.  Then on to turtle bay were I swam with big green turtles … Great