A fond memory I have of food that mother and Aunt Grace made when we were kids, is baking powder biscuits.  Generally when we were having a stew.   For some reason we have not made them for many years.

For tonight’s meal I had an inspiration.  I made a big batch of my 9 bean soup (with cut up bacon) and that was to be our main meal this evening.  Than I had a greater idea and that was to make a batch of baking powder biscuits to go with it.  Actually it did not come out of thin air as I was reading our latest Fine Cooking magazine and one article was about making Southern Style Buttermilk Biscuits, which I recognized as the old recipe (aside from the buttermilk) that mother used to make.

So I made a batch to go with the soup for supper.  Even made the buttermilk (basically milk with some vinegar and a bit of butter) to see if it made a difference.  They rose to a height of 2 inches and were flaky and delightful.  The soup was also great.  The picture is the biscuit leftovers, which Pat wants to save for breakfast or lunch.

The strip of tin can  in the background is an important detail.  Apparently we did not have a cookie or dough cutter in our collection to make the right sized biscuits.  So I took a can (originally holding olives) and cut it down to a 2 inch high ring, sanded the edges and made a perfect sized cutter.   If women do not find you handsome they had better find you handy. 

Needless to say I write this blog while Pat cleans the kitchen and I am excused as I am being creative.  My momma did not raise no fool.