I loved reading the James Bond books when I was younger.  I believe I had read all of the books by the time I was 21.  With only one exception ( For Your Eyes Only which is a series of short stories)  I never re-read the Bond books.  The movies came out one after another and that filled the bill.

Over the years I bought most of the books (all second-hand) with the intention of reading them again one day. 

This last week, after finishing a novel that I did not care for that much, I went to the basement and picked out one of the Bond books “From Russia with Love”   My intention was to have an easy read where there was not a flurry of new characters every chapter and dozens of twists.

IT WAS A GREAT BOOK.  Although based in 1957 with the political situation in Britain at the time and an out-dated attitude about women (apparently they needed to be spanked occasionally in those days) it was a great read.  It holds up well against modern novels in story, action and character development. 

If you know my scoring system for books (0 – 5) this scored a 4 which is relatively rare. 

I will postpone reading the rest of the series until I need another future recovery from a bad book.