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The hardwood flooring we have in the house is marketed as Brazilian Cherry but its proper name is Jatoba.   I use leftovers for many different projects in my workshop and was doing some research on it.  In Brazil one of the local names for the tree is “Old Man’s Stinktoe” because of a smelly seed pod it produces. 

I have been telling people that ask what kind of wood we have on the floor that it is Brazilian Cherry.  I think from now on I will say Old Man’s Stinktoe and see if I can convince them to get on their knees and sniff it.  (it has no smell)

Wascally Wabbit Part Deux

I looked into the cost of the 50 caliber sniper rifle and Oh My Lord are they expensive.  So I looked into making one out of wood which is my solution for many things.   




Unfortunately this only shoots little rubber bands so not very effective over 2 meters and it was hard trying to get within 2 meters of the varmint.

So I bought a live catch rabbit trap.  A little lettuce, a piece of carrot and a small tomato for bait and within 24 hours I had Brer Wabbit captured.  I took him for a little drive in the country and released him where he can eat someone elses garden.  Not as satisfying as blowing it to pieces but a whole lot less messy.

Wascally Wabbit

As long as we lived here at the top of the ridge, we were protected from rabbits by an eagle that perched on one of the trees behind us.  Unfortunately some tree clearance a kilometer away must have influenced the eagle to move on.  So now we have rabbits in the yard. 

Look at this picture. Obviously this is not a wild rabbit but a pet that someone grew bored with and now they inflict us.  While I do not believe that the people that released this varmint should face capital punishment, severe public flogging is appropriate. 

If you look at the picture those green plants in front were fully blooming flowers moments before I took the picture.  The wabbit only dines on the best of our plants.  I thought the deer were bad but the rabbits are worse.  I may have to take action. 

I was thinking I would wait until next time we visit Janine and Vedran in the US where I could buy a 50 calibre sniper rifle at the local Walmart, but now realize I cannot wait.  Granted shooting the varmint at 10 metres with a 50 calibre bullet would be sweet.  We would be looking at already minced rabbit meat. 

Chasing it with a club has not proven effective.  They are speedy little beasts. 

More to follow on this story.

Team Tee Shirt

I wear a lot of tee shirts.  They are my normal attire for bed and for casual day wear.

A couple of years ago we were visiting Janine and Vedran in Cincinnati and I realized that I needed more tee shirts.  Now I am selective on my tee shirts.  I want a good quality, heavy weave cotton, with a certain size that fits a mature, well muscled man such as myself and most important, cheap.

We visited the local Walmart and they were selling Ohio State Buckeye team tee shirts in the size and quality I like for $1 per shirt.  I bought the only two on the shelf in the size fitting a mature, well muscled former athlete such as myself. 

They have been great shirts, but they came with a price.

When I wear them in the US guys keep approaching me thinking I have something to do with Ohio State University.  Last year in Florida a guy came up and started to sing Ohio State team songs to me and only stopped when I gave him a blank stare.  At least a dozen times since I have been approached by guys thinking I am some Ohio State super fan. 

On our cruise back from Hawaii I was leaning against the rail with Pat (in my Ohio State Shirt) admiring the sunset when an old guy came over, nudged me and showed me something in his hand.  A smooth black object.  Now if I had been a little kid I would have run screaming to my mommy, but I realized that he was reacting to my tee shirt.  It was a Buckeye which looks something like a black walnut.  Worn smooth because apparently he had kept it in his pocket since he graduated from Ohio State 50 years ago.  (how sad is that)

I explained to him (as I have before of other Ohio State Fans) that I bought the shirt for $1 and apologized for desecrating his idol.  I went on to explain that to be fair I also had a Michigan State Tee Shirt (also bought cheap at Walmart) and he backed away crossing his fingers like I was the devil.  Janine tells me that Ohio State and Michigan State have …..issues… with each other, and I knew this so mentioning this proves that there is a little devil in me.

So now we come to the reason for this long story. 

We are in a resort south of Cancun last week.  Blaine, Pat and Lisa and I are walking out of the restaurant and there is a young guy wearing a Saskatchewan Roughrider tee shirt.  Gotta be rare in Tulum Mexico.  Thinking we have found a true believer I approached him thinking we could share moments of glory about George Reed and Ron Lancaster.  He backed away from Blaine and I as if we were crazy guys.  I think he must have bought the shirt at a swap meet because he had no idea what we were talking about.  Now realize how all those Ohio State fans felt when they realized I was not one of them.  At least Blaine and I did not have watermelons on our head so we did not look totally stupid.

Ryan And Corrie Wedding

Just back from the wedding trip to Mexico. 

There were 51 in all that met at the airport in Vancouver and flew down together to Cancun.  The groom and groomsmen as well as Blaine and others had matching Tuxedo teeshirts to wear for the trip.  After a 6 hour flight we still had a 2 hour bus ride but as we were all together it was a festive time with lots of beer.   First impressions of the Principe Resort was that it was HUGE.  There were actually 5 resorts combined together and as a guest of one we could travel and use the facilities of each of the others.  The other impression was that it was HOT HOT HOT.  37 -39 C (100 F) every day with occassional rain showers keeping the humidity at 100% 

While most days were spent on the beach or by the pools, a few of  us played golf one day.  Beautiful golf course that ate balls went astray (who chases balls into a jungle that has snakes and mosquitos).  With no wind to speak of it was hot.  Still one of the finest golf courses I have ever played.

Most of the group joined in for a trip to the local Tulum ruins and then to a beach for snorkelling.  Swam with giant turtles and thousands of fish. Not quite as nice reef as Hawaii but still very nice.

The wedding was on the beach in blinding sunlight.  It had threatened rain but turned out great.  Despite the temperature the ocean breeze kept everyone comfortable.  Interesting detail change in the ceremony was when the couple signed the wedding certificate (all in Spanish of course) they had to add their thumbprints. 

Reception indoors and then a dancing party by the pool. 

Here are a few of my pictures