Just back from the wedding trip to Mexico. 

There were 51 in all that met at the airport in Vancouver and flew down together to Cancun.  The groom and groomsmen as well as Blaine and others had matching Tuxedo teeshirts to wear for the trip.  After a 6 hour flight we still had a 2 hour bus ride but as we were all together it was a festive time with lots of beer.   First impressions of the Principe Resort was that it was HUGE.  There were actually 5 resorts combined together and as a guest of one we could travel and use the facilities of each of the others.  The other impression was that it was HOT HOT HOT.  37 -39 C (100 F) every day with occassional rain showers keeping the humidity at 100% 

While most days were spent on the beach or by the pools, a few of  us played golf one day.  Beautiful golf course that ate balls went astray (who chases balls into a jungle that has snakes and mosquitos).  With no wind to speak of it was hot.  Still one of the finest golf courses I have ever played.

Most of the group joined in for a trip to the local Tulum ruins and then to a beach for snorkelling.  Swam with giant turtles and thousands of fish. Not quite as nice reef as Hawaii but still very nice.

The wedding was on the beach in blinding sunlight.  It had threatened rain but turned out great.  Despite the temperature the ocean breeze kept everyone comfortable.  Interesting detail change in the ceremony was when the couple signed the wedding certificate (all in Spanish of course) they had to add their thumbprints. 

Reception indoors and then a dancing party by the pool. 

Here are a few of my pictures