I wear a lot of tee shirts.  They are my normal attire for bed and for casual day wear.

A couple of years ago we were visiting Janine and Vedran in Cincinnati and I realized that I needed more tee shirts.  Now I am selective on my tee shirts.  I want a good quality, heavy weave cotton, with a certain size that fits a mature, well muscled man such as myself and most important, cheap.

We visited the local Walmart and they were selling Ohio State Buckeye team tee shirts in the size and quality I like for $1 per shirt.  I bought the only two on the shelf in the size fitting a mature, well muscled former athlete such as myself. 

They have been great shirts, but they came with a price.

When I wear them in the US guys keep approaching me thinking I have something to do with Ohio State University.  Last year in Florida a guy came up and started to sing Ohio State team songs to me and only stopped when I gave him a blank stare.  At least a dozen times since I have been approached by guys thinking I am some Ohio State super fan. 

On our cruise back from Hawaii I was leaning against the rail with Pat (in my Ohio State Shirt) admiring the sunset when an old guy came over, nudged me and showed me something in his hand.  A smooth black object.  Now if I had been a little kid I would have run screaming to my mommy, but I realized that he was reacting to my tee shirt.  It was a Buckeye which looks something like a black walnut.  Worn smooth because apparently he had kept it in his pocket since he graduated from Ohio State 50 years ago.  (how sad is that)

I explained to him (as I have before of other Ohio State Fans) that I bought the shirt for $1 and apologized for desecrating his idol.  I went on to explain that to be fair I also had a Michigan State Tee Shirt (also bought cheap at Walmart) and he backed away crossing his fingers like I was the devil.  Janine tells me that Ohio State and Michigan State have …..issues… with each other, and I knew this so mentioning this proves that there is a little devil in me.

So now we come to the reason for this long story. 

We are in a resort south of Cancun last week.  Blaine, Pat and Lisa and I are walking out of the restaurant and there is a young guy wearing a Saskatchewan Roughrider tee shirt.  Gotta be rare in Tulum Mexico.  Thinking we have found a true believer I approached him thinking we could share moments of glory about George Reed and Ron Lancaster.  He backed away from Blaine and I as if we were crazy guys.  I think he must have bought the shirt at a swap meet because he had no idea what we were talking about.  Now realize how all those Ohio State fans felt when they realized I was not one of them.  At least Blaine and I did not have watermelons on our head so we did not look totally stupid.