As long as we lived here at the top of the ridge, we were protected from rabbits by an eagle that perched on one of the trees behind us.  Unfortunately some tree clearance a kilometer away must have influenced the eagle to move on.  So now we have rabbits in the yard. 

Look at this picture. Obviously this is not a wild rabbit but a pet that someone grew bored with and now they inflict us.  While I do not believe that the people that released this varmint should face capital punishment, severe public flogging is appropriate. 

If you look at the picture those green plants in front were fully blooming flowers moments before I took the picture.  The wabbit only dines on the best of our plants.  I thought the deer were bad but the rabbits are worse.  I may have to take action. 

I was thinking I would wait until next time we visit Janine and Vedran in the US where I could buy a 50 calibre sniper rifle at the local Walmart, but now realize I cannot wait.  Granted shooting the varmint at 10 metres with a 50 calibre bullet would be sweet.  We would be looking at already minced rabbit meat. 

Chasing it with a club has not proven effective.  They are speedy little beasts. 

More to follow on this story.