It is the third anniversary (July 19) since I started my most recent booklist.  I have an Excel spreadsheet where I write up every book i read with the author, the title, a brief synopsis and a rating.  (I know you remember me saying Pat is anal about lists but this is actually useful) 

The purpose for the list it is to avoid books I have already read and to rate authors so I can look for the good ones.  I have recently started adding the audio books that Pat and I listen to when we drive.  I  now have 213 books listed for the last 3 years.  I think the number is probably closer to 230 since I skipped audio books in the past and some of the research books I read in sections. 

That seems like a lot of books considering I only read late at night or in brief breaks.    When I was a kid I used to read books in bed with a flashlight under the covers because Mother would yell at me to go to sleep.  Pat just puts on her eye shades and ignores me.  Much better arrangement. 

Everyone tells me I should get an electronic book and download.  But at $8 a download this would have been about $1700 whereas most of the books are from the library and the few purchased I might have spent $100.