It is July 24  which is late for picking Saskatoon Berry.  We have a Saskatoon Berry U Pick farm on the Island and we like to visit each year to pick the berries that we loved as children.  For those that do not know them, a Saskatoon Berry looks like a blueberry but has a nuttier flavour. Just different.

When we were kids on the prairies we would be taken by our parents to pick berries on the side of ravines in secret spots that only our parents (and every farmer) knew.  Picking Saskatoons had three things that I remember – They grew on awkward slopes and you had to scramble to get them – They came with hoards of mosquitos – the pies that they were turned into were devine.

A few years ago we found a Saskatoon farm on Vancouver Island.  We have gone picking there every summer for the last few years. 

For those of you who grew up picking on the praries imagine rows of plants, on level ground, loaded with berries AND NO MOSQUITOS.  Heaven

We were away for the prime picking period this year but contacted the farm and they were still open.  So today we drove down island (it is a 2 hour drive) in Little Red.  Overcast and cool so perfect picking conditions.  Pat and I ended up with about 20 litres of berries,  the best production we have had so far.  Last summer taking the grand sons for the picking was not that effective since they were not brought up in the hard work for food tradition as I was. 

After cleaning and sorting we have enough berries for a fall and winter of great Saskatoon pies (including gifts for our discerning friends)