It has been a long wet and cool spring and summer but Paradise has returned to the Comox Valley.  Perfect dry sunny days, comfortable 26 C (78 F) temperatures, and no mosquitos.  A few more days like this and I will remember why we retired here. 

Forecast is for this to last the rest of the summer.

We had to replant our annuals in the front flower beds.  The Petunias and Violets that we planted and cared for since May have all been destroyed by Deer.  They come every night, take a bite of the plant and pull it from the ground and then spit it out.  Each morning there are deer footprints in the beds and I see all the carefully planted flowers lying drying out so I replant.  Eventually most died and we have little to show for the effort.

Apparently deer do not like Marigolds and Begonias (must be the scent).  The one bed that we planted in Marigolds is overwhelming in display.

Today Pat and I went to C Tire where they have the Marigold large pots that normally sell for $7 to $10 on sale for $1.99  We bought them out and replaced the flowers in the front beds.  Now it looks like we have flowers. 

If they start to eat these flowers I may have to sit up each night and ……… lets face it I will not sit up each night so it is not worth saying what I would do to these varmints, lets just say I would like to do damage to them even though they all look like Bambi.

I successfully used a Rabbit trap to get rid of one critter but I am not sure if that would work for Deer.  I suspect animal do-gooders would make my life difficult.