I am known for the jokes about mackerel Snappers and Friday night fish, but I am married to a devout Catholic so we usually have dead seafood on Friday night.    We try to avoid the fried fish sticks or boiled fish parts.  It has become a meal inspired from our many cooking books and magazines.

Tonight we had a Thai green curry shrimp.  Fresh sliced red peppers from the farmers market, local mushrooms and shrimp the size of your thumb with calamari thrown in at the last minute.  Started the meal with Edamame beans. 

Light, not hot, Thai Green Curry sauce on top of Basmati rice.  

I only write this blog because I used to phone Mother and tell her about our meal.  She would comment about our weird lifestyle but it was part of the tradition of our  phone calls.  I miss the those calls so I blog you instead.

Dessert tonight will be Saskatoon pie with Vanilla Ice Cream….Yum yum   Life is good (and of course I write this as Pat does the dishes)