I was in the basement working on a project this afternoon.  On the TV was an OK program but as I was working it moved on to a program of Group Marriage Counselling. 

I had rubber gloves on and in the midst of painting many pieces, so could not go to the TV to change the channel (although I desperately wanted to).  Turned out to be very informative and enlightening.

When I came back upstairs I suggested that Pat and I go to Group Marriage Counselling.  Not that WE need it, but I determined from listening to the wishes and desires of the ladies in what they wanted in a husband, I am perfect.  Well almost perfect.   I do not recall them dreaming of a 64 year old slightly over-weight husband, but everything else they wanted was ME.  Kind, generous, loving, handy around the house, good looking and home every night and with an income.

We could go to these meetings and Pat could show off to these miserable women what a perfect husband she has.  Might be fun. 

(((Pat read this blog and declared she is not prepared to share me)))

I really need a TV channel changer that does not require me touching the keys when I am painting.