It is Friday night and we featured fish for dinner.  This has become a tradition for us (granted because I am married to a Dogan)  But the requirement does make us become adventurous in seafood planning. 

We were at the market yesterday and bought fresh corn.  The local store had refried beans on special (3 cans for $5) and the idea came to mind.  MEXICAN MEAL.  So we bought an avocado and planned a Mexican meal.  Even prepared Mojitos prior to the meal (yes I know that the drink  is Cuban not Mexican but we did drink Mojitos in Mexico in June so it met our rules) We have a Mint plant in the garden so it was natural.

Last night I Bbqd the corn and later cut the kernels from the cob.  Pat made a corn salad from a recipe that James sent us with grilled red peppers and beans with Mexican seasoning.

I marinated cod fillets in lemon juice, cumin and chillies then grilled on the bbq. Served them on a bed of refried beans, a layer of chopped lettuce, a layer of guacamole, some shredded cheese and topped with a bit of salsa on the top.    The Corn kernel salad was on the side. 

Some white wine and sitting in the back yard with beautiful weather, and a great meal.  A long way from the concept of fish sticks on a Friday night.

These are the meals where I would love to phone Mother and tell her the details.  Granted she was not a big fish fan, but she could appreciate the effort.  I miss that. 

Not an average Friday fish night.